Who we are

Bobby Foundations is a non-governmental organization created by Mr. Bobby CEO, from Alihami in Agbor, Delta State, base in Austria.  because of the way widows are neglected in the society especially after d death of their husbands, Bobby taught it’s wise to reach out to them by empowering them to meet their needs. Furthermore, in memory of his late Mother, he felt he should start this work from his home town (Alihamie) bcos he has this passion to help d widows and d physically challenged persons.

Bobby is a man that has special love for his people. He is a great philanthropist. Bobby is a man after God’s heart. Just like how king David was called a man after God’s heart in d Bible because of his nature of giving. May God bless d womb that gave birth to Bobby.

   Bobby has d passion to support and show love, and his main objectives, are helping the vulnerable ie,, physically challenged persons, empower women/widows to meet their daily needs of survivals. Life was not really coherent for him, and to d glory of God, he made it. During this journey to success, he noticed that everyone has a special or different pace and he never compered himself to anyone, so you don’t need to be very wealthy to help one another to grow. With these ideas, he created a new mindset and a nonprofitable organizations to empower others with d efforts he can provide.